Meet the Team - Kathryn

12 Mar 2019

Meet Kathryn Coughlan, Fine Art Shipping Coordinator. Kathryn works with our clients to provide estimates for transportation, wrapping, storage and installation jobs. A native of Limerick, she has a degree in Archaeology, a Masters in Museum Studies and a work background in customer service, retail management, teaching, exhibition curation and museum registration. She previously worked with the Crawford Art Gallery, first as an intern and later securing a role as Interim Registrar. While a bit of ‘mixed bag’ as she puts it, these diverse backgrounds have taught her the importance of being able to think on her feet.

She is driven by social and ethical issues in society. A strong believer in the power of museum collections to spark conversations about difficult or contentious topics, and their power to mobilise people of a cause or to promote inclusivity in society. While she is no longer dealing directly with artworks or objects, a big part of democratising museum collections comes from making them mobile and accessible to as large an audience as possible, regardless of social background. Through her work with our clients she feels she is playing a part in making this happen.

Enjoying the variety of work in MWAH, Kathryn also provides advice on a large range of issues around the protection of artworks in storage and in transit – no day is the same! She finds collections care advice to clients a rewarding part of the job - “you know you are helping to safeguard great works of art into the future, you are helping them to be seen in terms of their medium and art historical importance, rather than as financial assets”.

When she is not on the couch after a hard day’s work, you’ll find her either gym powerlifting (she has a few powerlifting competitions under her belt) or at a gaming convention playing RPGS (role playing games). Ps. She also had a Star Wars themed wedding.

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